Lawn seeding services in Fuquay Varina

Our Lawn Seeding services in Fuquay Varina, NC

Garden or lawns are established in one of two ways either by planting or by installing sod. Planting a seed is, exactly as it sounds, adding seed to grow grass, It’s used to grow a new lawn, fill in patches, or firm living plot. But seeding seems like a lengthy process and if you don’t know how to pant seeds perfectly, you may not see the result as you expected.

That’s why hiring a professional lawn care company is important. We provide premium lawn care and lawn seeding services in Fuquay Varina, Holly Springs, Apex, Cary, Raleigh, and all other surrounding areas. We are professionals with years of experience. We know how exactly plant your seeds for a better outcome. If you are interested feel free to contact us or call us at – 910-748-8453 for a free quote!

Why lawn seeding services?

Since grass in North Carolina is cool- wet tract, planting in the springtime will make your yard lush and green. However, suppose about the long term, If these bare patchy areas don’t bother you now. Cool- wet grasslands have a hard time absorbing seeds in the summer versus in the spring and fall. This means, your yard will be fragile and dry for supreme of the warmer months. That’s why seeding is important.

lawn seeding services in fuquay varina

LawnBoss for your Lawn Seeding services in Fuquay Varina

We offer professional lawn overseeding or seeding services in Fuquay Varina. We make sure we do our best to make your lawn stand out! Our main goal is noting but your satisfaction. We are constantly working to give you the best lawn seeding service in Fuquay Varina. Also, we use the best equipment and materials. Our price is also low and competitive. LawnBoss assures you that, you will be totally satisfied with our lawn seeding service. Feel free to contact us. We give free estimates!

Things you need to know about lawn seeding

Before planting, first, identify the type of turf presently growing in your lawn. However, elect a turf-type suited to grow in your region and remember the specific must-haves of your yard, If you are starting from a rasp.

How to plant seeds on your lawn?

Preparing ground

Dig or till the ground to a 3-inch depth. Remember that you’re establishing a finished grade, so include any contours needed for drainage.


Add compost, loess band toxin, and either work them into the soil.

Plant the seeds

Spread the pastureland seed at the rate indicated on the packaging. To secure yea content, sow half of the seed in one direction
and the other half in a different direction to make a intersect pattern..

Watering the seeds

Water much to keep the seeds wettish ( don’t steep). Cut wetting back to once a day when the pastureland reaches about 1 inch in height.

Mow new grass and weed control

Mow when the grass reaches 2-1/2 to 3 inches. After you’ve mown three times, use a regular watering schedule of 1 inch per week. After mowing a minimum of four times, apply a crabgrass control product to stop the germination of unsightly crabgrass.

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