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Looking for Lawn Mowing Services in Fuquay Varina?

We provide premium lawn mowing services in Fuquay Varina, NC. In Fuquay Varina, taking lawn mowing service is important (if you can’t mow properly). A well-groomed lawn is the foundation of garden or property appeal. Regular lawn mowing keeps your grass healthy and the garden looking good.

We aim to make it easy and affordable to provide a lawn mowing service on a regular weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. We are professionals with years of experience. Our staffs are well trained. We always give our customers quality service. We use the best equipment and materials. So if you are looking for someone who can mow and maintain your lawn, feel free to contact LawnBoss.

Why you should take our lawn mowing services in Fuquay Varina?

There are a lot of companies and individuals who provide lawn mowing services in Fuquay Varina. But what makes us stand out is, our main aim is actually to make your lawn better.

We always focus on our customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied then we won’t be satisfied with ourselves. We constantly working to deliver more and professional lawn mowing services in Fuquay Varina, NC. Our employees have years of lawn, landscaping, and hardscaping experience. We always work to make sure we are engaging in best practices.

Our staff is well trained. We make sure the job is done right the first time. Besides our pricing is also affordable. We constantly working to keep our prices low and competitive. We use modern tools and equipment to mow your lawn. We assure you, you will be 100% satisfied with our lawn mowing service. Another beneficial thing is, we do give free estimates!

The Lawn Mower we will use

There are a lot of lawnmower models out there. We use zero turn lawn mower to mow your beautiful lawn. There’s a good reason that professional landscapers use zero-turn mowers. These machines are the fastest way to cut a lawn. By placing the operator with a clear forward view, and with the ability to both turn and pivot, they can radically reduce your mowing time.

Read more about the zero-turn lawnmowers.

fuquay varina lawn mowing services

Importance of Lawn Mowing Services in Fuquay Varina

Mowing is one of the most important cultural practices for the maintenance of healthy turf. Proper mowing height increases turfgrass density and promotes deep root growth, both of which lead to a stronger turf that is more competitive against weeds and better able to persist under environmental stresses Mowing the lawn helps keep your lawn healthy and eliminate some of the pests from the grass at the same time. It also can ensure that various pieces of debris are picked up and are cleared every week; so that nothing really accumulates on the grass. Lawn Mowing frequency is determined by the growth rate and the utility of the grass. The growth rate is influenced by grass species,time of year, weather conditions, and level of management Regular maintenance and upkeep of your yard is an excellent way to create lasting curb appeal and keep your outdoor property looking healthy and beautiful. On-going yard maintenance is also important for healthy plants, trees, and grass.

6 Lawn Mowing tips

Lawn mowing is important for your lawn. No matter what you do for your lawn but if you don’t mow your lawn frequently, it will quickly run wild.

A professional finish to your lawn can make all the difference and will have your neighbors wondering what your secret is.

Today we will talk about 6 lawn mowing tips

Lawn Mowing service in Fuquay Varina

1: Don't cut too much

Basically, if you cut off the food source, you are going to have to fertilize your lawn yourself! If you don’t, then your lawn is going to fail to thrive and will start to look patchy and sick in no time at all. Of course, a short, sharp chop is sometimes needed. And every now and then is not going to have any long-lasting impact on your lawn.

2: Mulch as you mow

Before using the lawnmower, most people attach a grass collection bag. And there is no denying that a grass-clipping-free lawn looks extra special, leave the clippings where they lie. The young and tender blades of grass are quickly absorbed into the soil and deliver nutrients to the roots. Lawn care the natural way!

But when is it a good time to collect your grass clippings in a bag? If you haven’t been on top of your mowing game and your grass is particularly long, it is better to bag it in a catcher as you go. While those extra-long grass clippings contain huge quantities of nutrients, the length of the blades can smother emerging shoots making their way up and prevent them from growing. If you want to return those large blades of grass to the ground, a mulching kit will be perfect for you.

3: Sharp blade is a must!

If you want a perfect finish to your lawn, then sharp blades are most important. The sharper your blades are, the cleaner cut you will have. If your blade isn’t that sharp, they will rip, shred, tear and pull from the roots. So before lawn mowing make sure your blades are sharp enough.

4: Switch directions

Mowing the lawn can become a habitual routine. But if you want a professional finish, switch directions every time you take the lawnmower out from the shed. By mowing in exactly the same direction every time, the grass blades will start to grow in set angles.

5: Dont cut wet grass

While mowing wet grass doesn’t cause any problems to the lawn as such, you will probably notice huge ruts left behind by the wheels of your mower. And we all know that that is a very annoying problem. So try to avoid cutting wet grass.

6: Make sure the lines look fine!

The last tip on this list is the epitome of a professional finish to any lawn… lines! Lines in a lawn create an aesthetically pleasing finish that screams ‘I care for my grass.’ It is such a simple process, yet one that confuses many. Creating straight lines on your lawn really is one of the easiest things you can do.

Our services in Fuquay Varina, NC

1: Lawn Maintenance: Maintaining all aspects of your yard including mowing grass, wedding edging, and pruning bushes. Service can be done weekly, every other week, or as a one-time job.

2: Tree Trimming: Trimming your trees will eliminate dead, diseased, and broken branches. By removing these branches, you can stop the spread of disease and insects within your tree. Trimming will also reduce any unnecessary weight off your tree.

3: Stump Removal And Grinding: One major difference between both processes is that tree stump removal removes the root as well as the stump. However, with tree stump grinding, the stump is ground, and the root is left to decay.

4: Aeration: Lawn aerating helps your lawn better absorb air, water, and nutrients needed to balance oxygen and carbon dioxide in the root zone. We use a commercial core aerator. Aeration should be performed at least once per year on most lawns.

5: Bush/Shrub Pruning And Trimming: Bush trimming is cutting off the tips of branches to clean up the overall appearance of a plant. This landscaping service involves using power hedge trimmers to skim the tops and sides of shrubs so they look neat and manicured.

6: Weed Removal: manual and chemicals used based on customer preference and amount of weeds.

7: Yard waste clean up/ removal: Removal of brush, grass, tree limbs, leaves, and anything else you need help with!

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